Hoses and Hose Reels

Hoseds and Reels

It’s not just a hose. It’s a lifeline.

All hydraulic hoses are not built alike. In fact, the right hose makes all the difference in a rescue situation. We pride ourselves on constructing extremely safe and durable . hoses. And that’s not just talk. Constructed of a thermoplastic inner tube within an aramid fiber reinforced, polyurethane jacket, Hurst hose assemblies and hose reels meet or exceed both SAE 100R8 safety ratings and NFPA 1936 2010 standards.

  • Available in 3 different colored hand guards: blue, grey, or black.
  • Available in manual single hose, manual double hose or electric hose rewind reels
  • 4-to-1 safety facto
  • All Hurst Jaws of Life® High Pressure hose reels feature anti-kink luminescent hoses which can be unrolled while under pressure.

Manual Hose Reels

SHR 20
Blue hand guard 276202000

Electric Hose Reels

98 Ft.
Blue hand guard 542C090
Grey hand guard 542C089
Black hand guard 542C091

Connection Hoses (Streamline Coupling one end, swivel fittings one end)

Blue hand guard

16 Ft. 176501000C
32.8 Ft. 176504000C
66 Ft. 176510000C
98 Ft. 176513000

Grey hand guard

16 Ft. 176502000C
32.8 Ft. 176505000C
98 Ft. 176514000

Black hand guard

16 Ft. 176503000C
32.8 Ft. 176506000
98 Ft. 176515000

Extension Hoses (Streamline connections on both ends)

Blue hand guard

16 Ft. 176601000C
32.8 Ft. 176604000C
66 Ft. 176610000
98 Ft. 176613000

Grey hand guard

16 Ft. 176602000C
32.8 Ft. 176605000C
98 Ft. 176614000

Black hand guard

16 Ft. 176603000C
32.8 Ft. 176606000C
98 Ft. 176615000

Technical Data

Manual Hose Reel Dimension 14.2″ x 17.3″ x 19.3″
Electric Hose Reel Dimensions 17.75″ x 18.22″ x 20.26″