SC 557 Combi

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The most powerful combination rescue tool available.

If you’re looking for power in your combination tool, then the SC 557 is the answer. It combines spreading and cutting in one tool without compromising performance in any way. If you’re entering a situation and don’t know what you’ll be required to do, then this is the tool you want in your hands.

  • Dead man control valve reverts to neutral position if worker’s hand slips from control.
  • Dual pilot check valve sustains load requirements if hydraulic flow is interrupted.
  • Ergonomically designed star grip permits tool actuation from almost any gripping position.
  • Fast opening and closing action for increased speed during time-critical rescues.

Technical Data

Length 33.08in/840mm
Width 11.62in/295mm
Height 7.49in/190mm
Weight 43.7lbs/19.8kg
Spreading Distance 16.9in/430mm
Max Spreading Force 258,520lbs/1,150Kn
Max Pulling Force 20,232lbs/90Kn
NFPA HSF 10,566lbs/47Kn
NFPA LSF 8,767lbs/39Kn
NFPA HPF 15,062lbs/67Kn
NFPA LPF 11,690lbs/52Kn
NFPA Cutter Rating [ ? ] A8/B9/C8/D9/E9
Max Cutting Force 182,088lbs/810Kn
NFPA 1936 2010 Compliant Yes

Downloads & Media

SC 557 Combi User Manual
SC 557 Combi Bid Spec
See the Video