SP 300 Spreader

SP 300 Spreader

Everything you want in a spreader. And more.

The SP 300 is the perfect mix of strength, tip opening width and, thanks to its compact size, maneuverability. But the perfection doesn’t stop there. It’s also designed with extremely flat diamond tips, making it easy to get exceptional grip during the rescue.

  • Dead man control valve reverts to neutral position if worker’s hand slips from control.
  • Dual pilot check valve sustains load requirements if hydraulic flow is interrupted.
  • Ergonomically designed star grip permits tool actuation from almost any gripping position.

Technical Data

Length 29.53in/750mm
Width 13.98in/355mm
Height 10.04in/255mm
Weight 37.7lbs/17.1kg
Spreading Distance 24in/605mm
Max Spreading Force 25,000lbs/112kN
Max Pulling Force 6,295lbs/28kN
NFPA HSF 8,992lbs/40kN
NFPA LSF 7,419lbs/33kN
NFPA HPF 5,171lbs/23kN
NFPA LPF 4,271lbs/19kN
NFPA 1936 2010 Compliant Yes

Downloads & Media

SP 300 Spreader User Manual
SP 300 Spreader Bid Spec