Power up and power on.

The new JL-QG takes power units to a whole new level. First, the JL-QG has a gasoline engine and has been developed to operate four tools at the same time when in turbo function or two tools with twice the speed! Second, with one movement you can double the oil flow to one tool in order to work twice as fast. This feature is particularly valuable for operating rescue rams that call for a large volume of oil. Finally, it’s the power unit firefighters really want!

Technical Data

Length 19.1in/485mm
Width 17.33in/440mm
Height 17.52in/445mm
Weight 116.5lbs/52.8kg
Flow Rate HP – Simo 4 x 1.1 l/min-0.29gpm
Flow Rate HP – Turbo 2 x 2.2 l/min-0.58gpm
Flow Rate LP – Simo 2 x 3.0 l/min-.79gpm
Flow Rate LP – Turbo 1 x 6.0 l/min-1.58gpm
Engine Type Gasoline
NFPA 1936 2010 Compliant Yes

Downloads & Media

JL-QG-ES User Manual
JL-QG-ES Bid Spec