Mini-lite Ram 8″

Mini-lite Ram 8"

4 pounds. Unlimited possibilities.

Don’t let its weight fool you. Although the Mini-Lite Ram 8” weighs only 4 lbs., it has a spreading force of up to 10,000 lbs. and a spreading distance of between 7.5 in. and 10.5 in. Take a minute to let those numbers sink in. Sold by the piece or as a set, the Mini-Lite tools are stand-alone rescue systems that can be used with either a manual pump or a battery power unit.

Also available as part of the Mini-Lite Tools system (362R341).  The Mini-Lite tool system contains 1 ea of the following: 8″ Mini-Lite Ram, 10″ Mini-Lite Ram, Mini-Lite Spreader, Mini-Lite Cutter, 72″ extension hose, and manual hand pump.

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Mini-lite Ram 8″ User Manual