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"Jaws of Life"
Proudly Serving Rescuers Since 1984

Code4 Fire & Rescue is proud to “Serve Those Who Serve Others”

CODE4 Fire & Rescue has been committed to the Rescue field since 1984. We are a company that specializes in “Jaws of Life” Extrication Rescue, HURST/Vetter/Air Bag (Lifting Bag) Rescue and Specialized Vehicular Rescue.

Heavy Duty

SP555E2 Spreader

We also provide Specialized Training at our Code4 Fire & Rescue Training and Technical Services Facility, as well as on-site Training to Fire Departments in New York State, and across Ontario and Eastern Canada.

Rescuer using Rescue 42 tool.
Firefighter forcing entry into a vehicle.
Cutting a car open.
Utilizing the jaws of life.
Firefighters breaking open a car.

Hurst “JAWS OF LIFE: Rescue Tools

Vetter Lifting Bags

AJAX 911 Chisel Kits

Rescue 42 Struts

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Heavy Duty

SP555E2 Spreader


Breaching Tool

Extreme Duty

S799E2 Cutter